NetBotLib C#

Auflistung der Klassen

Hier folgt die Aufzählung aller Klassen, Strukturen, Varianten und Schnittstellen mit einer Kurzbeschreibung:
NetBotLib.AActuatorAbstract implementation of an actuator
NetBotLib.ABumperAbstract implementation of a bumper sensor
NetBotLib.UI.ABumperRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of ABumper during the runtime
NetBotLib.ACommandBeinhaltet den Befehlssatz des NetBotProtokolls
NetBotLib.ACommandDataThe base class for all command data responses
NetBotLib.AConnectionAbstract implementation of a connection
NetBotLib.UI.AConnectionRuntimeControlUserControl to controll a instance of AConnection during runtime
NetBotLib.ADeviceAbstract Device
NetBotLib.UI.ADeviceEditControlUserControl edit the configuration propertiers of instance of ADevice
NetBotLib.UI.ADeviceRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of ADevice during runtime
NetBotLib.AEngineAbstract Engine Object
NetBotLib.UI.AEngineEditControlUserControl to edit configuration parameters of a engine
NetBotLib.UI.AEngineRuntimeControlUserControl to control a engine during runtime
NetBotLib.AMap2DImplementation of a 2d map
NetBotLib.AMicroAbstract implementation of a microcontroller
NetBotLib.AModel3DAbstract implementation of a 3dmodel
NetBotLib.UI.AModel3DEditControlUserControl to edit the configuration properties of a AModel3D instance
NetBotLib.UI.AModel3DRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of AModel3d at runtime
NetBotLib.AModuleAbstract implementation of a modul. A module is a component which could be included in the netbot scene to implement any logics
NetBotLib.UI.AModuleEditControlUserControl to edit the configuration properties of an instance of AModule
NetBotLib.UI.AModuleRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of AModule during runtime
NetBotLib.AMotionModelAbstract implementation of a motion model for providing algorithms for movement logics
NetBotLib.UI.AMotionModelRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of AMotionModel during runtime
NetBotLib.AnalogFreqDataThe response data type for AnalogFreq Command
NetBotLib.AnalogReadDataThe response data type for AnalogRead Command
NetBotLib.AnalogReferenceDataThe response data type for AnalogReference Command
NetBotLib.AnalogWriteDataThe response data type for AnalogWrite Command
NetBotLib.ARangeSensorAbstract implementation of a range sensor. This class should be the base class for each range sensor. It provides default properties a range sensor would need
NetBotLib.UI.ARangeSensorRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of ARangeSensor during the runtime
NetBotLib.ARobotAbstrakter Roboter
NetBotLib.UI.ARobotRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance ARobot during runtime
NetBotLib.ASceneAbstract implementation of a scene to be handled by the runtime engine
NetBotLib.ASensorAbstract implementation of a sensor
NetBotLib.UI.ASensorRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of ASensor during runtime
NetBotLib.AServoAbstract implementation of a servo device
NetBotLib.AStreamThe abstract stream class
NetBotLib.CommandImlementation of the NetBot Protokoll Commands
NetBotLib.CommandDataEventArgsCommand Data Event Args for ACommand OnData Event
NetBotLib.ConnectionDataEventArgsImplementation of the event args for the connection data received handler
NetBotLib.UI.ConnectionRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of Connection during runtime
NetBotLib.ConnectionSerialImplementation of AConnection for serial connection
NetBotLib.UI.ConnectionSerialRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of ConnectionSerial during runtime
NetBotLib.ConnectionSimulationImplementation of AConnection for simulation
NetBotLib.UI.ControlContainerA container for controls
NetBotLib.UI.ControlContainerRuntimeContainer for Runtime Controls
NetBotLib.DeviceAccelerometer3DImplementation of a 3d accelerometer sensor Ausgang = 0-3,3V, Mitte = 1.65V
NetBotLib.DeviceCameraImplementation of a usb camera device
NetBotLib.UI.DeviceCameraEditControlUserControl to edit the configuration properties of an instance of DeviceCamera
NetBotLib.UI.DeviceCameraRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of DeviceCamera at runtime
NetBotLib.DeviceGP2D12Infrared Range Sensor
NetBotLib.DeviceIRIS471Infrared contactless feeler
NetBotLib.DeviceLedLED, auch Lumineszenz-Diode, engl. light-emitting diode, dt. lichtemittierende Diode
NetBotLib.UI.DeviceLedEditControlEdit Control for a LED device
NetBotLib.DeviceSpeakerIplementation of a speaker device
NetBotLib.UI.DeviceSpeakerRuntimeControlUserControl to controll a instance of DeviceSpeaker during runtime
NetBotLib.DeviceSrf05Implementation of the sonic sensor Srf05
NetBotLib.DigitalReadDataThe response data type for DigitalRead Command
NetBotLib.DigitalWriteDataThe response data type for DigitalWrite Command
NetBotLib.EngineDCImplementation of a direct current (DC) engine
NetBotLib.UI.EngineDCEditControlUsercontrol to edit the configuration properties of an instance of EngineDC
NetBotLib.EngineHackedServoImplementation of a hacked servo engine. Hacked means the potentiometer is removed so the engine is able to rotate endless in one direction
NetBotLib.UI.EngineHackedServoEditControlUsercontrol to set configuration properties of a hacked servo engine
NetBotLib.UI.EngineHackedServoRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of EngineHackedServo during runtime
NetBotLib.EventArgs< T >Generic implementation of event arguments
NetBotLib.FilterTest01A test module
NetBotLib.GaussHelper to calculate the normal (gaussian) distribution See:
NetBotLib.Interface.IActuatorEach actuator should implement this interface
NetBotLib.Interface.ICommandInterface to implement all NetBot Protokoll Commands
NetBotLib.Interface.IConnectionEach connection should implement this interace
NetBotLib.Interface.IDeviceEach device should implement this interface
NetBotLib.Interface.IEngineThis interface should be implemented by each engine
NetBotLib.Interface.IMicroInterface that should be implemented by each microcontroller
NetBotLib.Interface.IModuleEach module should implement this interface. A module is a logic component which could be included in the netbot scene
NetBotLib.Interface.IMotionModelThis interface should be implemented by each motion model
NetBotLib.UI.INetBotControlThis interface should be implemented by each NetBotControl
NetBotLib.Interface.IRobotInterface that should be implemented by each robot
NetBotLib.Interface.ISceneInterface that should be implemented by each scene
NetBotLib.Interface.ISensorInterface that should be implemented by each sensor
NetBotLib.Interface.IServoInterface that should be implemented by each servo
NetBotLib.Interface.IStreamInterface that should be implemented by each stream
NetBotLib.Map2DImplementation of a 2D Map
NetBotLib.MatrixHelperThis class provides some matrix helper algorithms
NetBotLib.MicroAtmega32Implementation of Atmega32 Microcontroller
NetBotLib.MicroAtmega8Implementation of an ATMEL ATMega8 Microcontroller
NetBotLib.ModuleExplorationLogic Module to implement a simple exploration modus for the robot. The robot moves forward. If a wall has been reached it rotates randomly and drives forward again
NetBotLib.ModuleMonteCarloImplementation of a MonteCarlo for self localisation in a known environment
NetBotLib.UI.ModuleMonteCarloRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of ModuleMonteCarlo at runtime
NetBotLib.ModuleSlamImplementation of a slam algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) See:
NetBotLib.UI.ModuleSlamRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of ModuleSlam during the runtime mode
NetBotLib.ModuleStereoCamImplementation of a stereo camera logic module
NetBotLib.UI.ModuleStereoCamRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of ModuleStereoCam during runtime
NetBotLib.MotionModelDiffDriveImplementation of a differential motion model. This class implements logics of moving and calculating position
NetBotLib.UI.MotionModelDiffDriveEditControlEdit-Control for the class MotionModelDiffDrive
NetBotLib.UI.MotionModelDiffDriveRuntimeControlUsercontrol to control a instance of MotionModelDiffDrive during runtime
NetBotLib.MultiCommandDataThe response data type for MultiCommand Command
NetBotLib.UI.OscilloscopeOscilloscope Control
NetBotLib.ParticleRepresentation of a particle
NetBotLib.PinImplementation of a I/O Pin
NetBotLib.PinDefAttributeClass for configuring device in- and outputs via XML-Attribute
NetBotLib.PinDefAttributeSorterHelper Class for sorting PinDefAttributes
NetBotLib.PinModeDataThe response data type for PinMode Command
NetBotLib.PosePose Kasse represents a 2d Position/Rotation
NetBotLib.PoseClustererPose clusterer is used to find groups of pose objects which have a matching position and rotation
NetBotLib.RelativeTransformationImplementation of a relative transformation
NetBotLib.Properties.ResourcesA strongly-typed resource class, for looking up localized strings, etc
NetBotLib.RobotImplementation of a Robot
NetBotLib.Runtime.RuntimeThe NetBot Runtime Engine
NetBotLib.SceneConcrete implementation of the scene
NetBotLib.ServoImplementation of a servo device
NetBotLib.UI.ServoRuntimeControlUserControl to control a instance of AServo during the runtime
NetBotLib.ServoSetDataThe response data type for ServoSet Command
NetBotLib.Srf05ReadDataThe response data type for Srf05Read Command
NetBotLib.StreamThe Stream Implementation. 2nd Layer in Datalayers
NetBotLib.StreamDataEventArgsStream Event Args for AStream OnData Event
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